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The Little Book of Sacred Geometry by Astrid Carvel (Pre-Order)

The Little Book of Sacred Geometry by Astrid Carvel (Pre-Order)


The Little Book of Sacred Geometry How to Harness the Power of Cosmic Patterns, Signs and Symbols by Astrid Carvel


This accessible introduction to sacred geometry illuminates the beauty and power of nature and explains how we can draw on this mystical energy to enrich our everyday lives.


Sacred geometry is founded on the belief that everything is connected through the shapes and symmetries that we see repeated in nature all around us, from snowflakes and shells to crystals and honeycombs. These beautiful patterns are part of the mystic architecture of the universe - some even see them as the signature of a deity woven throughout creation. This beginner's guide clearly explains what sacred geometry is and how it manifests in the natural world. Then, by learning how to harness the power of sacred shapes, you can find healing, energy, peace and oneness with the universe. The Little Book of Sacred Geometry will help you appreciate the cosmic significance of these principles and grasp fascinating insights such as: How the study of sacred geometry has developed since ancient times What the numerous sacred shapes look like What key concepts, such as the golden ratio, refer to How sacred geometrical practices can be applied in your life.


Number of pages:128

Weight: 153g



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