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The Lotus Flower Champion, Pintip Dunn and Love Dunn

The Lotus Flower Champion, Pintip Dunn and Love Dunn


Squid Games meets Peter Pan with folktales from Thailand in this contemporary thriller with a fantasy twist, featuring a Thai heroine and hero.


Seventeen-year-old Alisara knows one thing for sure: her mama is going to die. She and her family are on vacation in Thailand, the last chance for Mama to find peace before she succumbs to cancer. Alisara’s final holiday with her mama is interrupted when she’s forced to evacuate a snorkeling cruise. Floating away to safety, Ali watches the boat explode with her father still onboard. Ali passes out on the lifeboat and wakes up on an island.


Although beautiful, the fruit on the island is poisonous, no fish swim in the waters, and the lifeboat is gone. She, Mama, and the survivors are all trapped. The survivors journey across the island in search of food, finding a cave with a maze, swirling red waters, crocodiles, and a magic crystal.


To save himself from falling to his death, a young boy manifests the arms of a gibbon. Xander, the boat’s captain, announces that they have all been brought here for a purpose. The island has been outfitted with horrific games and they must participate in them to win rewards that will aid in their survival. With no food, water, or shelter, Alisara has no choice but to win the games to keep Mama alive.


As the survivors compete in the games and are pushed to their emotional limits, their abilities manifest. With the handsome and enigmatic Bodin by her side, Alisara must access her latent power. Her ability is rare, mindblowing, and downright terrifying — but it just might save them all.


Number of pages:400
Spine width:30mm
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