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The Most Exciting Eid  Zeba Talkhani (author), Abeeha Tariq (artist)

The Most Exciting Eid Zeba Talkhani (author), Abeeha Tariq (artist)


The Most Exciting Eid

Zeba Talkhani (author), Abeeha Tariq (artist)


Just one more sleep before EID!


Safa is so excited for Eid-al-Fitr. She loves drawing hennapatterns on her hands, decorating her home and munching on biryani, kebabs and samosas. It is the perfect day.

Then the best part comes: she gets to open her presents! She is gifted a shiny pink bicycle. The only thing is she absolutely doesn't want to share with her cousin, Alissa.

As her mum takes her on an adventure to gift delicious Eid treats to all their neighbours, Safa will realise how wonderful it is to make others happy…and will want to make it up to Alissa.

After all, what makes Eid exciting is sharing special moments with the people we love.


  • A beautifully illustrated picture book to introduce the true meaning of Eid to little ones
  • This book has a heartwarming message at its core all about sharing
  • Features a non-fiction page for especially curious minds about Eid, including different Eid traditions, foods and greetings
  • Zeba Talkhani is the author of My Past Is a Foreign Country: A Muslim feminist finds herself, which was praised in The TimesVogue,  and Stylist Magazine
  • Written and illustrated by two brilliantly talented Muslim women



Number of pages:22 unnumbered
Spine width:7mm
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