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The New Tribe, Buchi Emecheta

The New Tribe, Buchi Emecheta


In The New Tribe, pioneering author Buchi Emecheta tells the tale of a young Nigerian boy adopted by a white family.

Life changes overnight for the Arlingtons when an abandoned baby girl, Julia, arrives unexpectedly on their doorstep. The couple take her in and settle into family life. But then, just two years later, their lives change once again when they are told a Nigerian mother is in desperate need of a loving home for her baby boy, Chester. Instantly marked as different from the other children in his school – and even from his own family – Chester's pain and confusion at growing up an outcast ignites in him a desire to find out about his biological family.

In this poignant, heartwarming story of Chester's journey through childhood, Buchi Emecheta weaves together a tale of love and acceptance while illuminating the vital importance of self-discovery.


Pages: 208

Dimensions: 198 mm x 129 mm

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