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Transformatrix by Patience Agbabi

Transformatrix by Patience Agbabi


'They call me Jax, though my real name's Eva

The whole of the Jackson Five rolled into one serious diva

No.1 on the guest list, top of the charts

When I make my grand entrance, the sea of sequins parts...'

From Hamburg to Jo'burg, Oslo to Soho, Patience Agbabi follows her critically acclaimed debut collection R.A.W., with Transformatrix, an exploration of women, travel and metamorphosis.

Inspired by 90s poetry, 80s rap and 70s disco, Transformatrix is a celebration of literary form and constitutes a very potent and telling commentary on the realities of late twentieth century Britain. It is also a self-portrait of a poet whose honesty, intelligence and wit manages to pack a punch, draw a smile and warm your heart all at once.

Number of pages:78




Spine width:5mm

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