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Understanding and dealing with Everyday Racism Racism. Dr Shungu Hilda M Gadzah

Understanding and dealing with Everyday Racism Racism. Dr Shungu Hilda M Gadzah


The Six Stages Framework focuses on broad and specific issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to support individuals and organisations in their fight against racism, with the aim of promoting a more equitable society, one that does not discriminate according to race, colour, appearance or other differences. It acknowledges that racial equity is about humanity, about how we see and interact with each other at a human level, without interference from politics, entitlement or ‘caves of privilege’, and depends strongly on empathy and compassion. The Framework helps people identify their position on a developmental journey and spectrum of racism awareness, and moves them in a positive direction, to explore and challenge their beliefs, values and behaviours and change attitudes, prejudices and biases. It increases awareness of the self and others, promotes understanding and regulation of behavioural and emotional responses, and leads to positive action against issues of race. The Six Stages Framework comprises a tool, training and coaching programmes.


Sharing beliefs in a safe, no-blame environment

Reflecting one's own thoughts – without being defensive

Challenging prejudice, misconceptions & stereotypes

Understanding the role of survival instincts & social constructions in racism

Shifting behaviour & thinking in interactions with others

Identifying & emerging from ‘caves of privilege’


For anyone in situations in which issues of race or inequity arise, such as:

Teachers in schools, universities and adult education

Business professionals and boardroom members

Educational psychologists and DEI consultants

Sports coaches and therapists

Healthcare providers and social workers

Legal professionals and human resources

Police officers and the judiciary system

Parents and individuals

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