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Working with Ethnicity, Race and Culture in Mental Health by Hári Sewell

Working with Ethnicity, Race and Culture in Mental Health by Hári Sewell


This is a book for practitioners - essentially a self-training book but also one that could be used as a source of knowledge in a complex and controversial field. The author knows about the realities at the grass roots, how NHS mental health care is currently set up, what types of approach are practicable and what are not and more than all that he understands what busy practitioners may look for in a book called a "handbook".'
- Extract from the Foreword by Dr Suman Fernando

This book enables front line practitioners to understand why it is important to consider the specific needs of people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds in mental health settings.

It offers practical guidance on how practitioners can take positive steps to improve the quality of their work and their relationships with BME service users, and ultimately how to improve their outcomes. By advocating the practice of recognizing the individuality of each service user, this book provides practitioners with the tools and information they need to work fairly and effectively.

Case examples of organisations that have achieved a quality of delivery that is valued by BME people are included, along with exercises that help practitioners to make links between theory and their individual practice. It is invaluable reading for all those working on the front line in mental health.


Number of pages:208
Spine width:40mm
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