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Worries - Questions and Feelings About by Paul Christelis

Worries - Questions and Feelings About by Paul Christelis


Picture book stories on tough topics handled with sensitivity and care.


A gentle, down-to-earth book for addressing the things that can cause children to be anxious and worried. Mindfulness expert Paul Christelis expertly explores everyday situations in picture book form, helping children to recognise signs of worry and giving them reassurance and simple suggestions on how to cope with any worries.


Questions and Feelings About... are hands-on picture books, designed to help children with their questions and feelings about tricky topics that can be hard to talk about. The highly inclusive, ethnically diverse and approachable illustrations give a comforting story book feel, particularly suited to 5-7 year olds, while also appealing to both younger and older children. This is a much-needed aid to help children open up and explore how they feel and give them some steps they can take to help them cope. The back of the books contain useful notes for parents and carers as well as some practical activities for use at home or in the classroom.

Number of pages: 32 
Weight: 108 g 
Dimensions: 208 x 190 x 6 mm

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